About us

The Cadastre and Land Administration Thesaurus is created by professor emeritus Erik Stubkjær, Department of Planning, Aalborg University, Denmark, and Dr. Volkan Cagdas, Department of Geomatic Engineering, Yildiz Technical University, Turkey.

Our scientific endeavors began with Doctoral research on cadastral development, 2009, a review of the then available Ph.D. dissertations in the English language.

The release of the ISO/DIS 19152 Land Administration Domain Model (LADM) in 2011 provided sufficient basis for the initial version of CaLAThe. Modelling of the core domain continued in terms of An Application Domain Extension to CityGML.. (Volkan, 2013) and Core immovable property vocabulary for European linked land administration (2015). The thesaurus was presented through A SKOS vocabulary for Linked Land Administration: Cadastre and Land Administration Thesaurus (2015).

The Open Geospatial Consortium, OGC, in 2015 issued a candidate LandInfra Conceptual Model to incorporate an existing LandXML schema into the OGC's standards base. The developed conceptual model refers to the above research, and prompted a further version of CaLAThe, cf. Version 3 intro.

The web presentation of the thesaurus was prepared by Dr. Burak Akpinar, Yildiz Technical University.