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Boundary survey and marking

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Narrower terms:
Boundary rectification
Legal boundary determination
Boundary re-measurement
Survey monument establishment

Related terms:

An Activity of placing and surveying Boundary marks representing the location of a Boundary of a Cadastral parcel, and documenting the Activity.

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In other Languages:
Danish: Afmærkning og indmåling af ske
Turkish: Sınırlandırma ve ölçme
Malay: Penandaan dan pengukuran sempa

CaLAThe_Ver5 Boundary survey and marking Boundary survey and marking Boundary rectification Boundary rectification Boundary survey and marking->Boundary rectification Legal boundary determination Legal boundary determination Boundary survey and marking->Legal boundary determination Boundary re-measurement Boundary re-measurement Boundary survey and marking->Boundary re-measurement Survey monument establishment Survey monument establishment Boundary survey and marking->Survey monument establishment Subdivision Subdivision Subdivision->Boundary survey and marking