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Land division

Alternative label:
Administrative feature

Broader terms:
Spatial feature type

Narrower terms:
Administrative unit
Real property
Place name

Related terms:

Land division may be public (political, judicial, or executive) or private in nature, the latter delimiting ownership in land or in alternative terms: boundaries of real estate, of real property or of immovable property (Source: OGC LandInfra, 7.10.1).

Scope Note:
OGC LandInfra / InfraGML term


In other Languages:
Danish: Geografisk opdeling
Turkish: Coğrafi bölüm
Malay: Pecah sempadan tanah

CaLAThe_Ver5 Land division Land division Administrative unit Administrative unit Land division->Administrative unit Real property Real property Land division->Real property Marker Marker Land division->Marker Place name Place name Land division->Place name Boundary Boundary Land division->Boundary Administrative feature Administrative feature Land division->Administrative feature alternative label Spatial feature type Spatial feature type Spatial feature type->Land division