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Land law

Alternative label:
Property law

Broader terms:
Positive law

Narrower terms:
Real right
Planning law
Law of obligation

Related terms:

Positive law concerning real estate / immovable property, including property formation, land development, and implementation of spatial planning (Cf. Mattsson, 2001).

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In other Languages:
Danish: Ejendomsret (til fast ejendom)
Turkish: Taşınmaz (Gayrimenkul) hukuku
Malay: Undang-undang tanah

CaLAThe_Ver5 Land law Land law Real right Real right Land law->Real right Planning law Planning law Land law->Planning law LA_RRR LA_RRR Land law->LA_RRR Law of obligation Law of obligation Land law->Law of obligation Property law Property law Land law->Property law alternative label Positive law Positive law Positive law->Land law