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Alternative label:

Broader terms:
Surveying instrument

Narrower terms:
Distance observation
Angle observation
Level observation
GNSS observation

Related terms:

Act of measuring or otherwise determining the value of a property (Source: ISO 19156:2011, 4.11; quoted from OGC LandInfra 4.6.12).

Scope Note:
OGC LandInfra / InfraGML term


Exact match:

In other Languages:
Danish: Observation
Turkish: Gözlem
Malay: Pemerhatian, cerapan
Dutch: -

CaLAThe_Ver5 Observation Observation Distance observation Distance observation Observation->Distance observation Angle observation Angle observation Observation->Angle observation TPSobservation TPSobservation Observation->TPSobservation Level observation Level observation Observation->Level observation GNSS observation GNSS observation Observation->GNSS observation Correction Correction Observation->Correction Surveying instrument Surveying instrument Surveying instrument->Observation