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Postal address

Alternative label:

Broader terms:
Place name
Road network

Narrower terms:
Street sign

Related terms:

Set of information which, for a postal item, allows the unambiguous determination of an actual or potential delivery point, usually combined with the specification of an addressee and/or mailee. (INSPIRE Source: Universal Postal Union 2006). - Structured information that allows the unambiguous determination of an [real world] object for purposes of identification and location (Geolexica)

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In other Languages:
Danish: Postadresse
Turkish: Posta adresi
Malay: Alamat pos

CaLAThe_Ver5 Postal address Postal address Street sign Street sign Postal address->Street sign Address Address Postal address->Address alternative label Place name Place name Place name->Postal address Road network Road network Road network->Postal address