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Cadastral parcel

Alternative label:
Land parcel

Broader terms:
Real property

Narrower terms:
Carrier parcel
Main Parcel

Related terms:
Boundary mark

Contiguous part of the surface of the Earth, as specified through lawful process (Source: OGC LandInfra / InfraGML, 4.8.11).

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In other Languages:
Danish: Jordstykke, lod
Turkish: Kadastral parsel
Malay: Petak kadaster
Dutch: -

CaLAThe_Ver5 Cadastral parcel Cadastral parcel Carrier parcel Carrier parcel Cadastral parcel->Carrier parcel Main Parcel Main Parcel Cadastral parcel->Main Parcel Boundary mark Boundary mark Cadastral parcel->Boundary mark related Land parcel Land parcel Cadastral parcel->Land parcel alternative label Parcel Parcel Cadastral parcel->Parcel alternative label Real property Real property Real property->Cadastral parcel