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Alternative label:
Shared ownership

Broader terms:

Narrower terms:
Condominium right
Timeshare right
Co-ownership share
Right of superficies

Related terms:

Divided or undivided concurrent ownership exercised towards a property (Source: Legal Dictionary of Property in Canada - Dualjuridik). Where two or more people own the same property (Source: EULIS / ELRA glossary).

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In other Languages:
Danish: Sameje
Turkish: Paylı mülkiyet
Malay: Pemilikan bersama

CaLAThe_Ver5 Co-ownership Co-ownership Condominium right Condominium right Co-ownership->Condominium right Timeshare right Timeshare right Co-ownership->Timeshare right Co-ownership share Co-ownership share Co-ownership->Co-ownership share Right of superficies Right of superficies Co-ownership->Right of superficies Shared ownership Shared ownership Co-ownership->Shared ownership alternative label Ownership Ownership Ownership->Co-ownership