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Alternative label:
Private ownership

Broader terms:
Real right

Narrower terms:
Individual ownership
Public ownership
Adverse possession

Related terms:

Collection of rights to use and enjoy property, including right to transmit it to others. The complete dominion, title, or proprietary right in a thing or claim (Source: Black, 1991). - Possessive relationship with a title established between an owner and their property (Source: Legal Dictionary of Property in Canada - Dualjuridik). - Includes the right to grant a lease, an easement, or a security interest and other lesser rights. Ownership in land includes buildings and fixture on the land parcel, unless lawful process is performed in terms of establishment of condominium units (Source: OGC LandInfra, 4.8.13)

Scope Note:
GEMET term


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In other Languages:
Danish: Ejendomsret (til fast ejendom)
Turkish: Mülkiyet
Malay: Pemilikan
Dutch: -

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