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Geolocated information

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Narrower terms:
Place name
Spatial data infrastructure
Topological localization
Digital imagery
Spatial unit

Related terms:

Information which is localized on the surface of the Earth through nominal, ordinal or metric means (cf Stevens, 1946; Stubkjśr, 1992)

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CaLAThe_Ver4 Geolocated information Geolocated information Place name Place name Geolocated information->Place name Spatial data infrastructure Spatial data infrastructure Geolocated information->Spatial data infrastructure Topological localization Topological localization Geolocated information->Topological localization Map Map Geolocated information->Map Digital imagery Digital imagery Geolocated information->Digital imagery Spatial unit Spatial unit Geolocated information->Spatial unit Georeference Georeference Geolocated information->Georeference alternative label Information Information Information->Geolocated information