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Spatial unit

Alternative label:

Broader terms:
Geolocated information

Narrower terms:
Textlabel type
Geometric primitive
Bounding element
Dimension type
Topological primitive

Related terms:

Contiguous geometrical entity, which is delimited and located on or close to the surface of the Earth through the bounding elements of its boundary. Compares to ISO 19152:2012 4.1.23 spatial unit (Source: OGC LandInfra, 4.8.14).

Scope Note:
ISO LADM and OGC LandInfra / InfraGML term


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In other Languages:
Danish: Rumlig enhed
Turkish: Konumsal birim
Malay: Unit spatial

CaLAThe_Ver5 Spatial unit Spatial unit Textlabel type Textlabel type Spatial unit->Textlabel type Geometric primitive Geometric primitive Spatial unit->Geometric primitive Bounding element Bounding element Spatial unit->Bounding element Dimension type Dimension type Spatial unit->Dimension type Topological primitive Topological primitive Spatial unit->Topological primitive LA_SpatialUnit LA_SpatialUnit Spatial unit->LA_SpatialUnit alternative label Geolocated information Geolocated information Geolocated information->Spatial unit