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Superficie object

Alternative label:
3D object

Broader terms:
Property unit

Narrower terms:

Related terms:
Carrier parcel
Right of superficie

A SuperficieObject comprises a building or other construction, including pipes, cables or tunnels, established and owned by a party (other than the owner of the LandParcels on which the superficie object is constructed) according to a granting Statement [21] (Source:

Scope Note:
OGC LandInfra / InfraGML term


CaLAThe_Ver4 Construction Construction Superficie object Superficie object Construction->Superficie object Carrier parcel Carrier parcel Superficie object->Carrier parcel related Right of superficie Right of superficie Superficie object->Right of superficie related 3D object 3D object Superficie object->3D object alternative label Property unit Property unit Property unit->Superficie object